拉扎ballbet贝博app正在采取一切预防措施来保护我们的客户, staff, community, and the general public from exposure to the Coronavirus. 
During this crisis, our clients and communities — tenants, workers, immigrants — will have an even greater need of urgent legal services. To provide these services while limiting exposure to Coronavirus, 我们将于3月16日至4月7日关闭临时ballbet贝博app诊所和实体办公室, 并尽可能地过渡到远程提供ballbet贝博app服务, by telephone, video, etc. 我们将继续出庭(如果他们是开放的),并在没有其他选择的情况下满足其他客户的需要. 我们的目标是加强我们组织的远程基础设施,不仅要应对当前的危机, but also to expand our remote capacity moving forward. This advances our ability to assist clients with disabilities, seniors, those with transportation difficulties, 以及任何因工作安排或限制而不能亲自来我们办公室的个人. 
关闭私人诊所或整个诊所的决定并不是草率做出的, and we are continuing remote services to clients in need. 我们也利用这段时间继续我们的政策宣传和支持社区的努力, such as halting evictions during this crisis. We hope you join us in advocating for urgent community need. Please see below actions and ways in which you can support. 
我们会继续探讨为市民提供ballbet贝博app服务的最佳途径,并提供最新资讯, while also being attentive to public health guidance. 我们的首要任务是客户、员工和所有易受伤害的社区成员的安全和健康. 
Supporting Impacted Communities, Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19:
  • 要求纽森州长在全州范围内暂停驱逐和公共设施关闭. 加州需要一个全面的驱逐令,以阻止任何原因的驱逐令, not only for nonpayment of rent. 在公共卫生危机期间,允许驱逐活动继续下去是危险的. 联系你的州议员,要求他们支持完全暂停,没有例外. Sign this ACCE petition 呼吁在全州范围内暂停驱逐和关闭公共设施, call the Governor at , and find your state legislators at http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/; 
  • Mayors and city councils of all California cities, including Oakland, Hayward, Alameda, 圣莱安德罗应(1)颁布全面暂停所有非法拘留者(驱逐)行动,以保护免疫功能受损的人,他们不应不得不在健康和住房之间做出选择;(2)向可能暂时无力支付租金的受影响工人提供经济援助. Evictions moratoriums should include all causes for eviction, 不只是不付房租,以保护每个人在危机期间不无家可归;
  • Call on the Alameda County Courts to (1) stop entering default judgments so tenants who can’t come to the courthouse don’t automatically lose their cases; (2) delay all eviction cases, including settlement conferences, trial dates, and hearings to enter judgment; (3) for the Courts tell the Sheriff to stop executing eviction judgments for 60 days. You can all presiding Judge Tara DeSautels at ;
  • 我们已经加强了ICE的工作,要求他们释放所有COVID-19弱势人群. 我们必须倡导我们被监禁的社区成员使曲线变平;
  • Join us in demanding that @icegov parole all imprisoned people NOW. #FreeThemAll #ParoleThemAll.
Moreover, we urge ICE to IMMEDIATELY:
  • 释放所有被国土安全部拘留的非公民尤其是民事行政指控, the most vulnerable, including those who are fifty years or older, who have long standing medical conditions, or who are immuno-compromised. #FreeThemAll
  • 根据我们的国际和联邦义务,要求通过移民保护协议(MPP)被拘留的非公民获得假释和庇护. 国土安全部认为MPP的人被拘留了所以他们有权遵循正当程序. #ParoleThemAll
  • 对公共安全、国家安全没有风险或者风险不大的,释放所有剩余被羁押人员;
  • Inform people of their right to seek humanitarian release;
  • 确保在COVID-19大流行期间被关押在移民拘留中心的每个人都能持续获得与ballbet贝博app顾问的保密沟通;
  • 确保每个人都能在移民法庭旁听他们的听证会,并确保没有人的移民案件受到COVID-19大流行的负面影响;
  • ICE must immediately take preventative, 积极应对COVID-19大流行,因为他们完全负责保护其近2人的健康和福祉,000 person population; 
  • To support this demand, call 1-866-DHS-2ICE and quote the points above. Please share & repost to raise awareness.
2)ballbet贝博app要求当地市、县对边缘化社区成员作出以下承诺, such as workers, our unsheltered and immigrant communities: 
  • Sanctuary Cities, like Oakland, 应重申对可能成为仇外和种族主义歧视或定罪对象的无证件居民和移民社区的体制承诺;
  • Halt the removal of encampments, 哪些被医务人员宣布比目前的室内避难所或导航避难所更安全. We call upon the cities of Berkeley and Oakland, as well as Caltrans, 在这场前所未有的大流行期间,与无家可归的社区成员站在一起;
  • Finally, 我们敦促地方和州决策者扩大对工人的带薪病假保护,并投资为因冠状病毒而无法工作的独立承包商和无证工人提供紧急财政援助. 
3) Centro Legal de la Raza needs your support. 先涛中心的工作人员迅速采取行动,公平而负责地应对日益严重的危机. Although we have closed our physical clinics, 工作人员正夜以继日地工作,以确保客户继续获得他们所需的关键ballbet贝博app服务. This is only possible with your ongoing support through this pandemic. Please click here to give a gift today, 确保我们社区中受影响最大的成员能够获得正义. 
2019冠状病毒病危机仍然是一个动态的、不断发展的形势, 我们正在密切关注事态发展,以确保我们客户的安全和健康, staff, and community. We thank you for your compassion and commitment in this critical time. 
In gratitude and solidarity,
Centro Legal de la Raza Staff and Board of Directors